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random orbital oscillation vibration massage . trigger point . myofascial release


skin care . cellulite . lymphatic drainage . edema . exfoliation


muscle recovery . physical therapy . sports injury
ONE DEVICE /multiple benefits - vibration massage for skin care, spa, beauty, wellness, fitness.

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Scientific Evidence/Studies

Scientific Evidence/Studies

Science/ Studies BelleCore bodybuffers’ multidirectional oscillating shear forces combined with pulsed vibration result in a significant increase i...
Vibration Therapy

Vibration Therapy

  Several studies have shown that localized vibration therapy, when applied before exercise, has a protective effect on the muscle tissue by increa...
Who We Are

Who We Are

We founded BelleCore, LLC, in 2007 to bring consumers affordable, easy-to-use devices that enhance their appearance and well-being. Each of us has...


lymphatic drainage . edema . cellulite . collagen function


myofascial release . trigger point . range of motion

Muscle recovery

increase performance . speed recovery . sports injury


exfoliate, rejuvenate and smooth your skin